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Meet Daiohs First Choice—elite office coffee and water service

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Since 1967, First Choice has delivered premier office coffee and water service, building on the international expertise of our parent company, Daiohs. Today we serve apartment complex managers to Fortune 500 manufacturers with the most complete range of offerings for your workplace kitchen and breakroom. It’s all here—beverages, snacks, equipment, and service.

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Here’s why customers love us

Year after year, customers choose Daiohs First Choice because we’re…

  • Reliable. You can count on our people and equipment.
  • Service-centric. Accessible, friendly representatives go above and beyond to anticipate your needs.
  • Flexible. We offer services the way you want them—from standard coffee and water service to our premium Blue Tiger line.
  • Innovative. We’re always looking for new ways to serve you—adding local roasters, tailoring reporting, advancing online access.
  • Trusted. The Daiohs name is internationally recognized for service, quality and leadership.”
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Be the office hero with a program customized to your people, culture and location

Choose the products and service that will delight your colleagues, including healthy options and locally roasted coffees. Your Daiohs First Choice rep can help you determine what’s right for you, including touchless coffee equipment and sanitary solutions.

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Cross “coffee and water service” off your to-do list

We guide you to the choices that make sense for your workplace, saving you time and effort. Meet Daiohs First Choice—and enjoy a better experience from start to finish.