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Cold beverages make the office breakroom refreshing

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Help your colleagues quench their thirst with pure, healthy water from Daiohs First Choice water services. And explore the Blue Tiger line of premium beverages and equipment, delivered with white-glove service. Don’t see your favorite? Ask about our latest menu options.

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Filtered water and ice dispensers include Blue Tiger ease

Daiohs First Choice offers cost-effective filtered water and ice services. Blue Tiger programs add custom touches—all the way up to a complete service package that includes equipment, delivery, installation and maintenance.

Sparkling water specialty dispensers upgrade the office

Enjoy ice-cold sparkling water at the push of a button with state-of-the-art systems from Daiohs First Choice. And where available, our Blue Tiger team can stock a cooler with your favorite flavored, sparkling or specialty waters.

Cold brew coffee makes a welcome breakroom change

Cold-brewed coffee is the fastest-growing trend in office coffee programs. Smoother and less bitter than regular iced coffee, it also contains up to four times more caffeine. See how it boosts employee engagement!

Kegerators keep office cold brew coffee on tap

Kegerators from Blue Tiger give you a great way to keep cold brew consistent and preserve that fresh flavor without additives. Let us show you how to up the cool factor for your office.

Single-serve cold drinks satisfy office colleagues

Ask us about Blue Tiger ready-to-drink refreshments, from fruit juices and smoothies to energy drinks and sodas. We also carry single and double-door coolers to keep your favorites close at hand.