Sego fully automatic espresso brewer completes the café experience

The Sego by Bravilor Bonamat is a versatile, super-efficient bean-to-cup brewer with 30 drink options in a small yet powerful machine—creating exceptional café-style beverages.

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Features of this Sego bean-to-cup machine

The Sego delivers espresso-based beverages at 9 bar pressure, similar to high-end espresso equipment but at a more affordable price point. It’s easy to program, operate and clean, so you can keep coffee flowing all day, every day.

  • Dimensions: 23.23”H x 12.40”W x 17.72”D

  • Three cup sizes from 6 oz. to 10 oz. With Riser Set, holds up to 12 oz. cup.

  • One coffee bean hopper and two canisters for soluble milk and chocolate

  • Patented CIRCO™ Brewer is compact, easily accessible and cleaned in seconds

  • Grinds up to 16 grams of coffee per brew, for a great espresso every time