Picture a Starbucks Serenade coffee machine in your office

Daiohs First Choice offers the Starbucks Serenade coffee machine for a delicious single-cup experience in the office.

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Features of this Starbucks office coffee machine

The Starbucks Serenade is an attractive, easy-to-use office coffee machine that delivers premium Starbucks coffee whenever you want it. Simply press the button, and the Interactive cup brewer grinds roasted Starbucks coffee beans to produce a cup of coffee brewed to Starbucks standards

  • Dimensions: 20.1”W x 23”D x 40”H

  • Weight: About 120 pounds; about 200 pounds with water

  • Capacity: Two 3 lb and one 2 lb whole bean hoppers; two 5 lb powder hoppers

  • Yield: 50 8 oz cups per hour

  • Water: Dedicated cold water line and water filtration

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