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Single cup systems - single serve, great taste.

This equipment is used to deliver a single serving of coffee, tea, or an indulgent drink such as hot cocoa. First Choices offers the market leading bean to cup Virtu, the Starbucks Serenade, Keurig, Coffee Pods, and Mars Drinks systems.

With our help you can serve many guests one single cup at a time!

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Virtu Series logo

Virtu Series

An elite  “bean to cup” brewer that provides indulgence in fresh-ground coffee and authentic espresso.  Interact with the color touch screen offering 32 beverage selections and numerous combinations.

Enjoy indulgent cappuccino and hot cocoa espresso based drinks for a fraction of the cost of a coffee shop.

Let us bring the coffee shop experience to your office!

Starbucks Serenade logo

Starbucks Serenade

Premium Starbucks coffee whenever you want it.  An attractive and easy to use machine, simply press the button and the Interactive  cup brewer grinds roasted Starbucks coffee beans and produces a perfect cup of coffee brewed to Starbucks standards.

CX3 Touch   Brewer logo

Newco CX3 Touch Brewer

Outstanding new technology! This new pod brewer also offers two soluble canisters to create indulgent drink options like lattes and cafe mocha options. Uses most standard PODS, and offers many drink selections!


Newco "Fresh Cup" Pod Brewer

A fresh cup and freedom of choice with the Newco Auto Eject Pod Brewing System.  Choose from up to three programmable taste profiles (mild, medium, bold) or volume setings (small, medium, large). This brewer is also energy smart to conserve energy during periods of non-use by selecting power on, power save, or power down.   Easily accepts most standard PODS and the unique brew mechanism is design so the POD lies perfectly flat promoting even extraction of the bed of coffee. 

Flavia Creation  logo

Flavia Creation

The FLAVIA® Creation 500 brewer is the ultimate office coffee machine that's convenient, simple to use, energy efficient and above all delivers a consistent fresh coffee.  Independent tests demonstrate that FLAVIA is one of the most efficient machines and 26% more energy efficient than most.  Great for offices with over 50 people.

Keurig 3000 logo

Keurig 3000

This one cup at a time brewer is the perfect solution for mid-size and large companies looking for a superior coffee program.  The Keurig brewing system combines fresh coffee house taste with cup-at-a-time brewing, giving coffee lovers what they want – fast, convenient, gourmet coffee, tea and hot chocolate without the cleanup.


Bunn "My Cafe"

Enjoy a cup of perfect coffee in less than a minute, thanks to the AutoPOD’s pre-infusion and pulse brew features.  Single-cup system with the convenience of automatic pod disposal.