Newco Fresh Cup pod brewer provides freedom of choice

The Newco Fresh Cup auto-eject single-serve pod brewing system available through Daiohs First Choice lets users choose from mild, medium and bold taste profiles for the perfect beverage.

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Features of this Newco Fresh Cup single-cup coffee machine

With a modern design and rugged reliability, the Newco Fresh Cup features quiet operation and easy serviceability. Smart power options help conserve energy. And the unique brew mechanism promotes even extraction from the coffee bed, enhancing flavor.

  • Dimensions: 17.66”H x 9.81”W x 18.24”D

  • Uses most standard pods

  • Accepts standard travel mugs

  • One-touch brew activation

  • Back-to-back brew cycles without reheat delays

Learn more about Newco as a Daiohs First Choice Preferred Partner.