Newco coffee brewer with glass carafe improves temperature, accuracy

Newco’s classic FC-3 coffee maker uses dump valve solenoid operation for extremely accurate brew volumes and better overall brew temperatures.

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Features of the Newco FC-3 traditional glass pot coffee maker

Have a carafe ready for your team! Newco FC models include unique features to deliver great-tasting coffee, pot after pot

  • Dimensions: 16.9”H x 15.6”W x 16.4”D

  • Auto-arm pre-checks water to ensure optimum brew temperature

  • Ready light shows when brewer is at optimum temperature

  • Gravity-fed hot water faucet provides larger volume of hot water for allied products

  • Dump valve operation speeds brew cycle and provides more consistent volumes under erratic water pressure

  • Accessible components in the top of the machine simplify service