Minnesota: Minneapolis

Minnesota: Minneapolis

Image representing First Choice Services Minneapolis branch
First Choice Coffee Services
8560 Cottonwood St NW, Ste 200
Coon Rapids, MN 55433

Ph: 763-208-4571
Fax: 763-762-7915

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First Choice Services promises a quality coffee experience for your office…

As a complete office coffee service in Minneapolis, First Choice Services is committed to offering the best Minneapolis coffee delivery service that includes high quality coffees paired with reliable office coffee brewing systems.

With over 45 years experience and one of the top 5 national OCS (office coffee service) companies, we can install single-cup, bean-to-cup or traditional office coffee systems. Water is essential to every office and First Choice provides several options from water bottles to purification and filtration equipment.

Our service starts with a dedicated sales consultant who will assess your office's requirements and can help setup all aspects of your beverage and coffee needs including ordering, delivery, equipment maintenance and more. A dedicated route manager will provide you with regularly scheduled deliveries, stock your office break room and maintain your equipment.

So if your current office coffee experience isn't meeting expectations, contact us today so that you can experience the best coffee experience tomorrow!

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