At First Choice Service our job is to support your business – making sure your office break room is at its best. 

We receive numerous questions daily from prospective clients who want to know more about us – from the products we carry, to our services, our staff, how our delivery process works and much more.   In order to facilitate your decision making we’ve selected a few of the most common questions receive and our answers below. 

However, if you happen to have your own particular questions please feel free to contact us by phone or using our convenient online contact form.

  1. Does First Choice Coffee Service charge for equipment repairs and maintenance?

    No.  First Choice performs repair and maintenance at no charge.  

  2. Where does First Choice Coffee deliver, and is there a minimum order for delivery?

    We are  currently servicing 25 states,  more than 60 major cities and continue to add locations. Please refer to our  list of  "Branch Locations" for a local office.

     Minimum order requirements? Contact your local office for details related to minimum orders - this is based on your equipment package and frequency of service.  

  3. How do I order from First Choice Coffee Services?

    Once you become a First Choice customer you will be contacted by our courteous customer service staff, or, if you prefer, you can call us!  This call will be to remind you that in 2-3 days your route driver will be in your area and will be able to bring your supplies up to you never run out of your favorite items!  However, if ever an urgent need should arise, just contact us by phone ,fax, or email to schedule a next day, off-route delivery.

  4. How often will our rep visit our office to stock items?

    Multiple times per month if needed but at least once every month.  

  5. How do I make orders between my scheduled delivery when supplies are short?

    With our full route service inventory system this should rarely if ever occur.  If for any reason it does, you can call your customer service representative, email, or fax an order to your local service center anytime for an unscheduled delivery. 

  6. Can I modify my scheduled orders?

    Yes, changes in stock levels, adding new items, etc., can all be modified by contacting your customer service representative or route delivery personnel.  

  7. How am I billed?

    You will receive an invoice at the point of each delivery.  Statements are mailed the first week of every month. 

  8. Do you offer an auto-pay with our company credit card?

    Yes, we accept all major credit cards. 

  9. How long does it take to setup a new office coffee program?

    Your custom coffee plan can be completely set up and ready to brew your first cup within 3-5 working days, after signing up.