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Blind Dog Coffee

Available in Select Markets: Las Vegas - Reno - San Francisco - Sacramento

While going blind in 2007 Mark Berry started How Ya  Bean LLC. DBA  Blind Dog Coffee Roasters. Thus forward referring to the company as Blind Dog Coffee. We are a Northern Nevada coffee roaster producing high quality affordable premier coffee. We proudly offer a wide range of whole-bean and ground coffee products to both private and public entities. We have diligently pursued the ability to offer a wide range of coffee packaging products.


The Tail of the Dog- Blind Dog Coffee

The tale of the dog is just another tale about life, a tale about change. The kind of change that life just blows in, whether you are ready or not here it comes.

 In 1959 at age two I developed a childhood cancer that threatened my eyesight, and my life. Fortunately, advancements in radiation treatments gave me the needed chance to fight, the chance to live. With loss of my left eye and damage to the right eye, the fight was won and the cancer was gone. I went on to having a wonderful childhood growing up in the wide-open spaces of the Southwest. I married Robin, had five children, Dustie, Luke, Katy, Samantha, and Ian.

I followed my passion in life and in work. Living in the high Sierra in the summer times and on the low desert in the wintertime. Life was going great. Then in my forty-eight year life's winds of change showed up again. My remaining vision was fading. By the fall of my forty-ninth year I was legally blind. No longer could I earn a living as I had done for the past thirty years. No longer was life so great. Then a good friend reminded me of the advancements in radiation that had given me the chance to live, the chance to see. 46 years to see the world, the stars, my children grow, my wife smile. I realized how blessed I had been. The gift I had been given, now needs to be shared it needs to be paid back.

With life's new wind, a passion, and Blind Dog Coffee, was born



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