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Diamond Crystal Brands

 Solutions.  If there were one word to describe what Diamond Crystal Brands is all about, this would be it. Solutions for flavor enhancement.  For convenient, portion-control packaging. Solutions for authentic goodness and for health and wellness. With every product in our ever-growing portfolio, we deliver a solution that’s innovative, collaborative, and value-added, driven by strong brands you can trust.


Café Delight™ Beverage Enhancement products – Delicious flavoring syrups for beverages available in pump bottles and individual to-go packets, assorted sweetener packets, and a variety of beverage toppings.

SKIPPY® Brand Portion Control Peanut Butter packets – The peanut butter with 95% brand recognition in convenient single-serving packets, the perfect add-on with crackers, breads, fruit, veggies, and more.

Treemont Farms™ Jams and Jellies – Developed specifically for the foodservice market, these delightful jams and jellies are high-fructose corn syrup-free, making them ideal for health-conscious diners.

Herdez® Authentic Mexican Dessert mixes – powdered mixes that deliver traditional Mexican flavor deliciously and simply in flavors such as flan and horchata, as well as a selection of tropical fruits.

Flavor Fresh™ Portion-control condiments and dips – Formulated with K-12 nutrition regulations in mind, but also ideal in healthcare and other settings where nutrition is key. Line includes ketchup, ranch dip, salad dressings, and more.

Hormel Health Labs thickeners enhance palatability for patients undergoing treatment for swallowing issues and malnutrition.


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