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equal sucraloseThe Equal brand you’ve trusted for 30 years has now expanded beyond the familiar blue packets.Equal Sucralose uses the same sweetening ingredient as Splenda® No Calorie Sweetener. Sucralose is made using a multi-step process that starts with ordinary table sugar (sucrose) then replaces three hydrogen-oxygen groups on the sugar molecule with three chlorine atoms. This results in a stable sweetener that delivers a taste profile similar to sugar but is calorie-free.Sucralose can be used in place of sugar in many foods and beverages and is heat stable, so it's great for use in a wide variety of temperatures and works well in most home cooking and baking recipes.


In 1965, while licking his finger to pick up a piece of paper, Dr. James Schlatter – a scientist at G.D. Searle and Company who was doing research with amino acids – tasted a sweet, attractive flavor.  Inadvertently, he had discovered aspartame, an ingredient that would revolutionize the category of  “sweetener” and would be the main sweetening ingredient in Merisant´s leading tabletop brands.

In 1985, Monsanto acquired Searle and 15 years later, Merisant purchased the tabletop sweetener business from Monsanto. Today, Merisant is a worldwide leader in the marketing of low-calorie tabletop sweeteners. In addition to Equal and Canderel®, Merisant markets its products under approximately 18 other regional brands and sells its brands in over 90 countries. Merisant is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.


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