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Peet’s Coffee

Peet’s started a coffee revolution when it opened in 1966, and our “just-roasted fresh” mantra has never waivered. Orders come in, and only then do we roast that order, never before, period. Our beans are of the highest quality, roasted under master roasters in small batches. We have relationships with coffee growers going back decades, paying them always above Fair Trade prices. Likewise, our teas are always whole leaf, even in “string and tag” bags. Quite simply, Peet’s is the best.


Peet's roasts the finest coffee, blends only premium whole leaf teas, makes other fine high quality products like powdered milk and powdered dutch cocoa, and offers them to the descriminating beverage consumer through the workplace as well as our own cafes, private cafes, grocery stores, and many other venues such as sports stadiums and college campuses nationwide.


Airpots, tea racks and wall displays are just a few ways to brand your pantry.+ Every day we roast our bean to order. Enjoy the difference of fresh roasted coffee .+ Airpots, tea racks and wall displays are just a few ways to brand your pantry + Brewing samples each of the days batches before packaging and shipping off to our customers. + All of our coffees are roasted in small batches by hand. This is a sample drawn from coffee just out of the roaster. + We bring samples from every batch into our cupping room to make sure the taste is up to our standards. + Marketing signage available. +



Peet's Sustainability

Peet's Sustainability

Highlights of Peet's sustainability program, ever growing and deepening in commitment to the world's people, flora and fauna.

Peet's Cocoa and Milk

Peet's Cocoa and Milk

What is different about Peet's premium powdered dutch cocoa and premium slow-dried powdered milk? Read and see!

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