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TEAJA organic loose leaf teas are designed specifically with the office environment in mind. Carefully selected and blended by North America's most awarded in house tea master, our teas and botanicals are free of toxic chemicals and harmful pesticides. From organic tea gardens in 27 countries around the world to your cup, our teas are directly sourced.Socially responsible?Ethical and sustainable?Yes! We are all those things!


Experience the difference a cup of real, organic loose leaf tea makes.

Our TEAJA Experience Kit has all that you need to get started:
wooden rack, 8 refillable canisters, 8 sample bags of tea, tea filters and spoon.

And it's as easy as 1, 2, 3:

• Grab a filter

• Fill it with your favorite tea

• Steep and enjoy!

When running low on a tea, simply order a 0.5 lb bag for easy refill.



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TEAJA Organic Teas

TEAJA Organic Teas

Organic loose teas for your office.

TEAJA Office Experience

TEAJA Office Experience

TEAJA Experience Kit - 3 easy steps for a perfect cup of tea

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