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Twinings of London®

Twinings® is a brand people recognize around the world and is proud to be the #1 Specialty Tea Brand Globally with over 300 years of tea experience.  Here in the USA, Twinings® is the #1 Tea K-Cup™ with the largest assortment of Tea K-Cups™ (15 varieties of 24ct) as well as the #1 Specialty Black Tea.  Blending over 70 varieties of teas available in the US, Twinings® has a tea to suit your every mood.


The Perfect Blend of Taste and Expertise

Every Twinings® tea is produced from a unique formulation known only to our master blenders, and can include as many as 40 different tea, spices or herbs from different estates around the world. Each of our teas is tasted five to eight times before being approved for production to ensure to perfect balance of taste, flavour, aroma and consistency from cup-to-cup.  Our uncompromising pursuit of perfection is why your next cup of Earl Grey tastes exactly like the first cup sipped by the 2nd Earl Grey himself.


Thomas Twining bought Tom's Coffee House on London's Strand in 1706. The location of the shop was perfect as it straddled the border between Westminster and the City of London, an area that was newly populated with the finest of London&+ Experience something new with our wonderful range of teas, each blend has been specially picked to give you that taste sensation you're after. + This beautifully crafted 6 slot tea chest with a walnut-stained, lacquered finish and a felt bottom, opens up to display the Twinings logo. Enjoy filling with a variety of your favourite and finest teas.+ Twinings assortment.+ Brew the perfect cup of your favourite gourmet tea in less than a minute, with Twinings.+ Enjoy a variety of tea blends with a unique array of strengths, aromas and tastes. + + + +


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