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First Choice offers all of your breakroom supplies, just ask if you don't see what you are looking for!

Creamers, Sweeteners, Cups, Juice or Sodas, Paper Products, Cleaning Supplies, breaktime snacks.....too many to list, but here are a few.

We can handle all your pantry and breakroom needs, just give us a try!

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We handle all the national branded Sweeteners and Creamers, along with our own premium First Cafe' canister products. From the latest in portion control liquid creamer, real half & half, and powder creamers, we can supply what you need.

The same goes for your preference in sweeteners. We carry all the national brands, Sugar in the Raw, Stevia in the Raw, and are always adding new lines, check with your representative for details.

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Cups & Lids

Provide your office and guests their choice for cups and lids.

We carry all the major brands, both paper and styrofoam, and have a variety of sizes for hot drinks.

Also available, are clear and translucent plastic cups for juice, soda and water. Ask your representative for a list of options today!

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Looking for individual servings of water, juice or sodas?

We carry all the popular brands and flavors, and don't forget to inquire about our options for Ice Dispensers for your breakroom.

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Food & Snacks

Hungry for a little snack?

Ask your representative for details on what is available; we carry salty snacks, crackers, sweet treats, and some health conscience selections. Variety and brands are always changing, so talk to your local office for details.

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Green Options

We are conscience of the desire for some offices to use eco-friendly products. We have many options to choose from, that include cups, cutlery, plates, and of course our Point of Use Water systems that will get your office on the right track to being "Green".

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Misc Supplies

We can save you time by bringing in many of your office's paper products and cleaning supplies. One stop full service shopping for your office saves time and money!