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Pure, healthy water at the touch of button or a twist of the cap

Having a source of fresh, pure, clean tasting water in the office is important. After all, your employees can't live on coffee alone (although some claim to do so).

Want to know more about filtered water for your office such as, UV purification or carbon filtration, reverse osmosis or Sparkling water?

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Pure Water

Offering pure water for your office has numerous benefits ranging from morale and productivity, cost savings, contributing to a green environment and more. But most importantly your employees deserve the best!

First Choice offers a wide selection of pure water - freestanding units, countertop and in-line systems, and Bottled water in select locations*

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WL 500

Put a little Sparkle in your Day!

We now offer on demand Sparkling Water for your office.

Enjoy Ice Cold Sparkling Water, at the push of a button. This state of the art system offers Sparkling, Cold and Hot water. Our WL500 model also features Carbon Filtration, UV Sanitation, and Bio-Cote treated dispensing surfaces.

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WL 250

Enjoy one of our most popular models, the WL250.

This unit is available as a counter top or freestanding unit, and features Carbon Filtration, UV Sanitation, and Bio-Cote treated dispensing surfaces.

Enjoy both Hot and Cold water with this system.

Did you know 33% of workplace illness is water borne?

Protect your team and reduce sick days in your business!

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Follett Ice

Don't forget about Ice!

We offer the Follett Ice System, countertop or freestanding with two models to fit your ice needs. This system provides the best ice for your drinks. The unique “chewblet” ice cubes are favored for your cold drinks, small and clear cubes will be a hit with your office!

*Contact us today for your Ice needs*