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Bring your team clean-tasting water at the touch of a button or the twist of a cap. Daiohs First Choice updates the office water cooler with freestanding units, countertop and in-line systems in select locations. For the most eco-friendly approach, consider filtered water for your office—providing cost-effective access to healthier, safer water. And don’t forget the ice!

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Office water dispensers keep it fresh

If you want office water that tastes good but have concerns about your municipality’s water quality, ask Daiohs First Choice about efficient office water coolers and dispensers. Options include:

• Freestanding, countertop and in-line
• Hot and cold water
• Sparkling water

Office water filtration keeps it pure

Filtration removes contaminants from your water to create better-tasting, better-smelling, cleaner, safer water. Daiohs First Choice offers a broad range of point-of-use filtration solutions—at a significantly lower cost than bottled water. Options include:

• UV purification
• Carbon filtration
• Reverse osmosis

Office ice dispenser machines keep it cool

Daiohs First Choice brings you the Follett Ice System for your office ice dispenser, featuring small, clear Chewblet ice nuggets for cold drinks and iced coffee. Choose from countertop or freestanding models, in elegant, compact designs.

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Water Delivery FAQs
Have additional questions or need more details? We'd love to hear from you — just fill out our web form or contact the branch office in your area.


Why Daiohs First Choice for your office water service?

We're a leading national water services specialist, providing modern approaches to safe, clean, healthy water. For 50 years, clients have relied on us to:

  • Put customer needs first for the best filtered water experience
  • Use the most environmentally friendly product options
  • Provide the highest quality, most cost-efficient systems
  • We make your job easy with full-service delivery and maintenance. Let Daiohs First Choice handle the details to ensure fresh, pure water for your clients, your staff … and you! Let's discuss your office water service needs.